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“What if education systems prepared learners to enter the workforce as well as handle a crisis, be resilient, become responsible citizens, adapt to change, recognize and solve local problems with global roots, meet other cultures with respect, and create a peaceful and sustainable society? Then we would be educating for a more sustainable future.”United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 


We wish to explain why this school is so valuable to us.


The Steiner Waldorf philosophy is the assumption of individuality for each young person and consequently each child is supported to learn according to their strengths. Teaching is based on the understanding that there are different stages in child development and that the curriculum should reflect this.


The core Steiner Waldorf principles aim to address intellectual, artistic and practical needs and provide a balanced educational approach, emphasizing the strong connection to environment and depth of understanding through learning that is so critical in the modern world.


Having this provision available in an urban setting has made this choice possible across socio- economic barriers and has attracted the families of over 440 students.


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