The PTA campaign to retain all through

Steiner Waldorf education in Exeter

Families from the Steiner Academy Exeter have launched a campaign ‘Moving Forward, Steiner Academy Exeter’ to assert the need for an all through Steiner Waldorf School in Exeter following a strongly-worded Ofsted Report in October 2018 which stated that the school was failing on every level.


The Academy was opened in 2013 and is growing year on year until it reaches full capacity in 2021. It currently has 441 pupils on its roll and will grow to a full capacity of 624 pupils. Steiner free schools began in the UK in 2008 enabling Steiner Waldorf education to be inclusive of all children for the first time, regardless of background or ability. In continental Europe, Steiner Waldorf schools are widely respected and state-funded. 


The Steiner Waldorf teaching method is innovative and focuses on the broad education of the child. With support, the school is well placed to help children fulfil their potential so that they can make a positive contribution to society.


Through the campaign, families are calling for organisational best practice, professionality in teaching and excellence in education. The parent body is confident this can be achieved under the leadership of the new Principal Paul Hougham. With the support of external agencies, rapid and significant changes can be made which will provide an outstanding education for the future and critically, an inclusive all-through Steiner Waldorf schooling option for families in Exeter.


Please sign our petition to promote the state provision of Steiner Waldorf education!


We explain why our campaign needs a national profile here


All views expressed here are those of the PTA working group leading this campaign. The PTA is a separate organisation to Steiner Academy Exeter.